Effective Methods for Training Junior Developers

What is the most effective method to train a junior developer? In this article I would like to present you the pros and cons of 10 methods that can be used to successfully teach junior developers. Some of these methods I have used myself, others I have participated in as a student. Still others were foreign to me and I only learned about them while researching this article.


How to Create a Color Palette (Easy Mode)

I am not a designer. But this fact has never stopped me from doing design work myself. Websites, GUI, animations and effects. Most of my projects I design myself. What I find particularly difficult is the selection of suitable and, above all, harmonizing colors. But creating a color palette is not that complicated. Even if you don't know anything about it.


Using Laravel & Statamic without Cookies

Everybody knows them, nobody likes them: cookie banners. They are only required if technically unnecessary cookies are to be used. However, opinions differ when cookies are necessary. Obviously, the safest way to go is without cookies at all. How to disable cookies in Laravel and what to look out for, is explained in this article.


Your RAM might work slower than you think

I bought my first computer when I was 18. At that time I had to save the components from my mouth. Since then, I've been assembling PCs for myself and my environment. However, every now and then something goes wrong. Sometimes even without noticing it right away. This time I overlooked something crucial when installing the memory.


How to implement a Dark Mode with Tailwind

Since recently Aureola has a dark mode. You can switch between the light and dark version of the page via the small sun in the upper right corner of the header. Your browser stores your selection. How this works exactly and how you can implement it yourself in Tailwind, I explain in this article.


Aureola: Update 2022

Everything is new in May. Ok, by now it's June. Nevertheless, I spent the whole of May giving this website a long-needed makeover. Not only did I give the site a little facelift, I also replaced the content management system. Additionally there were a lot of smaller and bigger improvements. Which ones exactly, you can learn in the article.


The Samurai is Back

Seven years after the first release and four years after disappearing from the Playstore, the nameless samurai returns with new adventures. Yes, you heard it right. After a year of work, Samurai Standoff is back in the Google Playstore and Apple App Store. And it's bigger and better than ever before.


How to Stop Malicious Vulnerability Scanners in Laravel with Fail2ban

Every website is bombarded with dozens of unwanted requests every day. The talk here is of so-called vulnerability scanners. In this article you will learn what they are all about and how you can fight the uninvited guests.