Articles in 2021


How to Stop Malicious Vulnerability Scanners in Laravel with Fail2ban

Every website is bombarded with dozens of unwanted requests every day. The talk here is of so-called vulnerability scanners. In this article you will learn what they are all about and how you can fight the uninvited guests.


How to Install DDEV on an Apple M1 Mac

It doesn't often happen that I'm one of the early adopters. However, after the announcement of Apple's new silicon processor, I wanted to be ahead of the game this time. Needless to say, there was hardly any compatible software at the beginning. That's why I had to work with MAMP and a local PHP installation - terribly inflexible. But now I finally managed to get Docker and DDEV up and running.


Optimizing Aureola: Conclusion

In the previous articles in this series, I showed you how I optimized my blog. Not only was I able to reduce the size of the website, but also the response time has improved significantly. Time to take a look at the result and draw a conclusion.