Articles in 2012


Building a Custom Page List in Concrete5

One of the best documented CMS in the wide range of Open Source systems is called Concrete5. While its market share is still minimal in comparison to the big systems like Drupal or Wordpress, it's still worth a closer look. In fact Concrete5 offers a really comfortable interface for editors and developers of smaller websites.


Using Multiple jQuery Versions

Innately jQuery offers the possibility to use multiple jQuery versions at once or other libraries in combination with jQuery through the noConflict-mode. You should by all means avoid the overhead of two similar libraries in the same project. Unfortunately this is not always possible while using a CMS with sometimes a little outdated JavaScript libraries. In this article I will show you how to use the noConflict-mode and which characteristics you need to know about.


Drupal RPG Creator

Besides the obligatory dice game, almost every game-interested developer might have tried to create a role-playing game. One of my long-term-projects (translation: projects, which take forever and are never finished) is the Drupal RPG Creator. There is no other project, where I have as frequently thrown over everything, just to start over again.


Vibration API
It gets wild

Isn't this an appealing title. We start really filthy and get to know a totally new side of our beloved browser. Did the W3C finally think of the lonely souls out there and add a few additional features to the browser for them? Well, partially. Today we will deal with one of those new features. However we will do this in a completely unerotic way.


Concrete5: Publication Link

With Publication Link I have today released my second Add-On for Concrete5. It provides a convenient way to add links to publications to your website, including additional information on the publication itself. Like Download VCard this Add-On has been developed at labor b designbüro.


Concrete5: Download VCard

Today I'm happy to announce my first very own Concrete5 Add-On. Download VCard offers the ability to add contact information in form of a VCard download link to your website. Besides your contact information, you can also add a name to your link. Download VCard was developed at labor b designbüro.


Drupal: Ubercart Product Presets

Customizing products with a lot of options can be quite annoying. Especially when you just want to buy a simple standard product. While Ubercart provides a way to create highly customizable products, it doesn't provide a way to store presets for them. At labor b designbüro I recently developed a module, which lets customers and admins store presets for products and even share them with other customers.