The Samurai is Back

Seven years after the first release and four years after disappearing from the Playstore, the nameless samurai returns with new adventures. Yes, you heard it right. After a year of work, Samurai Standoff is back in the Google Playstore and Apple App Store. And it's bigger and better than ever before.

Light fades and slowly turns into darkness. The pain, previously so glaring and devastating, slowly disappears from your consciousness. That's it now, you think to yourself. You expect the end. But the end does not come.

In 12 levels you'll fight as a nameless samurai against the clans of the underworld. In fact, this scenario is loosely based on Japanese mythology. In this mythology there are 12 demonic generals, each of which is assigned to a zodiac sign. The individual stages are each symbolized by an animal. You unlock them gradually, with the difficulty of the battles successively increasing.

To adapt to the increasing difficulty, you can upgrade the attributes of your samurai. These are, for example, the number of your health points or the speed with which you move. For this you'll need the souls of the defeated demonic warriors, which you'll have to collect during battle. In addition, you'll be able to choose between six different abilities that will make the battle easier for you.

However, the clans also have six different abilities that they can use against you in battle. Additionally, some clans have immunities to your attacks. For example, the Dragon clan resists fire, while clans that have mastered frost can't be frozen. In addition, you can only equip a limited number of abilities. So decide wisely before each battle what you want to equip.

You'll fight three different enemy classes, each of which comes in four different elite variants. The elite variants are highlighted in color and strike twice as hard, for example. In total, there are 12 different enemy types that you have to face.

The game is exclusively designed for single players. However, to make it not quite so lonely, you can connect with friends and watch their progress. A positive side effect is that actively playing friends increase your chance of finding souls. There is a global ranking that you can participate in. Furthermore, you can earn 24 different achievements.

You can expect exciting battles that require skill, tactics and sometimes a little luck. Best dive into the adventure right now.

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