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How to Stop Malicious Vulnerability Scanners in Laravel with Fail2ban

Every website is bombarded with dozens of unwanted requests every day. The talk here is of so-called vulnerability scanners. In this article you will learn what they are all about and how you can fight the uninvited guests.


Optimizing Aureola: Automatically Deliver JPG & PNG as WEBP

After I already activated the gzip compression under Nginx in the last article and could save a few kilobytes with it, I dedicate myself to the biggest issue in this article: the images. I will show you how to use the image format webp to compress your image data drastically.


Setting up the Alternative PHP Cache on Ubuntu

As some of you might know, PHP scripts are compiled to bytecode right before they are executed. This process costs time and server resources. Also this is done all over again every single time your script gets executed, even if your script hasn't been changed in years. So what could be more obvious than caching the results of the compilation to reduce load on your server. Today I want to show you one way of achieving this, with a little help from the Alternative PHP Cache (APC).


Google PageSpeed
Installation on Ubuntu

Since 2011 Google provides an Apache module called Google PageSpeed. This module has some nice features, which can reduce the load time of your website significantly. In this article I want to show you how to install PageSpeed on Ubuntu, give you an example of a configuration and some tips, which may help you get going.