Articles about CSS


How to implement a Dark Mode with Tailwind

Since recently Aureola has a dark mode. You can switch between the light and dark version of the page via the small sun in the upper right corner of the header. Your browser stores your selection. How this works exactly and how you can implement it yourself in Tailwind, I explain in this article.


Making a Fixed Header React to Scrolling

Creating a fixed header which dynamically reacts to scroll events isn't that difficult. You don't need a library or any kind of widget. All you need is a few lines of JavaScript and a little bit of CSS. Well... and you need a header element somewhere in your document.


Pro and Cons

A while ago I stumbled across an older blog post about Less. The post itself was pretty euphoric and kind of reflected the common view of many other blog posts to this topic. The title of the article was "Write Better CSS with Less". Personally I was more interested in the discussion taking place in the comments section below the article. Using Less for about one year, I took this opportunity to sum up my very own résumé on the dynamic style sheet language.