Samurai Standoff

Play as an honorable samurai in an eternal battle against the forces of evil. Fight a variety of enemies with different abilities and immunities. Collect souls to upgrade your character and unlock powerful attacks. You can expect exciting battles that require skill, tactics and sometimes a little luck. Best dive into the adventure right now.

  • Fight in epic battles against the 12 clans of the underworld.

  • Collect souls to level up your character's skills.

  • Compete with players around the world.

  • Connect with your friends.

Available now


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The Samurai is Back

Seven years after the first release and four years after disappearing from the Playstore, the nameless samurai returns with new adventures. Yes, you heard it right. After a year of work, Samurai Standoff is back in the Google Playstore and Apple App Store. And it's bigger and better than ever before.