Samurai Standoff

Samurai StandoffSamurai Standoff

    Your village is under attack of an overwhelming enemy force and you are the last surviving samurai. To protect the escape of the women and children you sacrifice yourself by repelling the enemies as long as you can. Death is inevitable, but you can still save your friends.


    • Simple, but demanding gameplay.
    • 5 different enemy types.
    • 10 waves of enemies.
    • Compete with players from around the world.


    • Tap anywhere on the screen and your samurai will run there, killing all enemies in his way.
    • Kill enemies to get points, kill multiple enemies in a row to get bonus points.
    • Enemies can only kill you, when you stand still. So keep running.
    • Good luck! You will need it.

    Roadmap (EN)

    Coming soon.