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How to Install DDEV on an Apple M1 Mac

It doesn't often happen that I'm one of the early adopters. However, after the announcement of Apple's new silicon processor, I wanted to be ahead of the game this time. Needless to say, there was hardly any compatible software at the beginning. That's why I had to work with MAMP and a local PHP installation - terribly inflexible. But now I finally managed to get Docker and DDEV up and running.


Automated Drupal Updates using Drush

Drupal updates can be a real pain. Either the update path from one of the modules is broken, you need to reapply a patch for a bug, which still isn't fixed or something else goes wrong. In seven years of Drupal development I basically had it all and I grew so accustomed to it, that I started to do updates one module after another. I also create a separate commit for every single updated module. This way I can revert the update immediately, if something goes wrong. Luckily I found a way to automate this process.


Use MAMP's PHP Version in Terminal

MAMP is a commercial server stack developed and sold by appsolute. On Mac OS its pretty much the best LAMP stack you can find. MAMP comes as a free version with limited functionality and a fee-based version (MAMP PRO). In MAMP PRO you have some additional features. For example you can easily change the used PHP version and you can also use this PHP version in the Terminal. But with a little script I wrote, this can also be accomplished with the free version.