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jQuery Slidious

Let's assume you have a few hours to kill, while your girlfriend takes an exam. What would you do? If "develop a jQuery plugin" was the first thing that came to your mind, you should absolutely read this article. If not... well, you also might want to take a look.


Concrete5: Publication Link

With Publication Link I have today released my second Add-On for Concrete5. It provides a convenient way to add links to publications to your website, including additional information on the publication itself. Like Download VCard this Add-On has been developed at labor b designbüro.


Concrete5: Download VCard

Today I'm happy to announce my first very own Concrete5 Add-On. Download VCard offers the ability to add contact information in form of a VCard download link to your website. Besides your contact information, you can also add a name to your link. Download VCard was developed at labor b designbüro.


Drupal: Ubercart Product Presets

Customizing products with a lot of options can be quite annoying. Especially when you just want to buy a simple standard product. While Ubercart provides a way to create highly customizable products, it doesn't provide a way to store presets for them. At labor b designbüro I recently developed a module, which lets customers and admins store presets for products and even share them with other customers.