Concrete5: Publication Link

With Publication Link I have today released my second Add-On for Concrete5. It provides a convenient way to add links to publications to your website, including additional information on the publication itself. Like Download VCard this Add-On has been developed at labor b designbüro.

Publication Link was originally developed for a recent project of labor b. The customer wanted to be able to add links to his publications in various magazines and websites to his own homepage. Again we could have just let him add this through a Wysiwyg editor or something similar. But I wanted to provide a more convenient and easy to use solution.

After installing Publication Link you will get a new block type called "Add Publication Link". In a settings modal you can specify the title of the publication and an url to where the publication can be viewed. Also you can describe the type of media the publication was published in. Last, but not least, you can specify a publication date. Your information will then be displayed on your website.

A settings modal for publication links.
A settings modal for publication links.

Publication Link is completely free and can be found in the Concrete5 marketplace. Feel free to leave a support ticket, if you need help on installation or usage.

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