Aureola: Update 2020

Regular visitors will have noticed that a little bit has changed on the website. To support the new direction of my activities and to better present my current projects, I have made a few changes that I would like to share with you.

First of all, you will notice that the home page is no longer simply a blog. Instead, visitors are now greeted with a slider that presents the current projects (ongoing and published). Therefore the blog moves a little bit into the background and is instead teased with the three latest posts.

The current projects are presented on separate pages, where you also have the possibility to download games and software. There is also information about the projects themselves, the features, screenshots and in the future maybe even videos.

In addition to the projects, two further navigation points have been added. One is the Shop and the other the page Assets. Both pages are still in preparation, but will be published as soon as possible. In the shop you will find products of the current projects, like for example merchandise. In the Assets section you will find free downloads to help you with your own development. So there is a lot going on on this page. Please check back again soon. Maybe I can present you more information then.

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