Little Astronaut

Little Astronaut is a free gravity-based infinite runner. You play as a Little Astronaut and try to get across moving platforms to get the highest possible score. You can earn achievements and compete with players around the world.

  • Easy to learn, difficult to master

  • No registration required

  • 16 unlockable characters

  • More than 30 achievements

  • 4 different music tracks

  • Share your player profile

  • Daily gifts

Available now

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Little Astronaut
All Colors Are Beautiful

It's done. After weeks of hard work and sleepless nights I just published the next version of Little Astronaut. I decided to do the All Colors Are Beautiful update first and added some features of Sharing Is Caring to spice things up a little. Get it now on Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.


How well does an Instagram promotion perform?

What's the point of promoting on Instagram, anyway? I wanted to know more about it and so I just tried it out last week. Of course, I promoted my current game Little Astronaut, for which a new update was recently released. Naturally, I don't want to withhold the results of my analysis from you.


Little Astronaut
Minor Update

Another update of Little Astronaut has just been released. It contains some bugfixes and optimizations. Get it now in Google Playstore and in the Apple App Store.


Little Astronaut
Now It's Personal

Now it’s personal! The next update for Little Astronaut just arrived and it brings exciting new features. The ranking system has been upgraded to shift the focus to loyal players, player profiles have been added and 30+ achievements wait to be obtained. Get it now on Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.