VideoManager - Control the Camera in Unity

In pretty much every game you need to interact with the camera in some way. VideoManager provides a service that allows you to easily register and interact with the main camera in your game. By using this module, you are able to easily access the camera from any behavior or script in your project. You can use various functions to manipulate the behavior of the camera, such as turning it on or off.

How to use the VideoManager

This module is especially useful if you have to deal with several cameras in a scene. You can then, for example, register the cameras with this service and conveniently switch them on and off or, for example, change the AudioListener if necessary.

You can disable the camera:


You can also enable the camera again:


You can also enable or disable the camera's AudioListener:


And the most important thing at the end: You can easily access the camera directly:

var mainCamera = VideoManager.service?.camera;

Please note that the module is called Video instead of Camera to avoid a name collision with Unity's built-in Camera class. I'm not really happy about the name, but sometimes you have to compromise.

Your Feedback is important

What do you think of the services presented here? Is there anything missing or does something not work as expected? As always, I'm happy to listen to your feedback. Let me know what you think about this module. You can use the comment section below the article for this. You can also find other ways to contact me here. If you found a bug or want an enhancement, please create an issue in the GitHub repository. Further documentation can be found in the README of the corresponding module.

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